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Meet Me

Hi. My name is Katherine Rodgers, but you can call me Katie. 

I am currently in the middle of receiving my MFA in Performing Arts at Savannah College of ARt and Design. 

I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, but moved to South Florida with my mom&dad and brothers when I was the ripe age  of 4 months. I grew up in the sunshine playing pretend for most of my life, but there was something about the eternal heat that did not sit right with me once I discovered winter in New York City when I was in the 4th grade. It was then that the energy of the city seduced my mind, and I knew where I would one day end up. Cut to 10 years later when I would attend NYU Tisch to receive my BFA in Drama. 

I love art. And I love artists. I think the ability to experience the world and then be a vehicle for interpreting and translating it is one of the great privileges of being an artist. I was once told I was just like the Rodgers &Hammerstein song, a"cockeyed- optimist." I resented that when I heard it, but it's the truth. I believe in finding the magic of a moment through gratitude and openness to everyone and everything. I see the good in people and I believe in us humans.


I write a lot. Mostly stream of consciousness dialogue with myself, but poems, short stories, scripts as well. I love music. Listening to it, singing it, dancing or really any very to it, I love it and believe it's timeless magic spun into a spell. Lately I've been taking a lot of photos and attempting to capture the essence of what will become a memory. If I meet you, let's laugh together or have an adventure or eat delicious food. I'm a Gemini. I'm a bit guilty of extreme curiosity, and feel giddy at the idea of all the possibility that exists in the world. 

Right now I'm receiving my MFA at Savannah College of Art and Design. It's new and overwhelmingly exciting. I'm working on my coming of age novel in real time. To be continued...

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